YouTube unveils latest premium features, including enhanced 1080p resolution

In a significant update, YouTube has officially introduced its latest Premium features, with a focus on enhancing the viewing experience for users. The much-anticipated “enhanced bitrate” 1080p resolution option, is now available on Android and TVs. The company made the announcement on Wednesday, highlighting that the improved video quality had initially debuted on iOS earlier this year before extending to the web in August. According to YouTube, the enhanced resolution is “enabled automatically based on your connection and viewing settings,” or users can access it conveniently at the top of the quality menu.

Enhanced Video Quality Across Devices

Expanding its user-friendly features, YouTube Premium’s “Continue watching” reminder, which debuted on phones and the web, is now extending its reach to tablets and smart televisions. This feature allows users to seamlessly resume content, especially longer videos, preserving the playback position. YouTube envisions a scenario where users can start watching their favorite podcast during their morning commute on the subway, switch to the web on their laptop during a work break, and conclude the day by watching on their smart TV at home.

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Conversational AI

In a recent update, YouTube is experimenting with “Conversational AI,” introducing an “Ask” button below videos. This feature is now rolling out to, with limited spots available for quick sign-ups, particularly for users of the Android app in US English. Leveraging Language Model technology, YouTube aims to provide answers to questions, suggest related content, and enhance the overall user experience without disrupting playback. Additionally, the “Comment topics summarized by AI” experiment is also accessible.

For US users seeking extra perks, third-party YouTube Premium benefits are accessible through the “You” tab by scrolling down to “Your Premium benefits.” These include an in-game loot bundle for Genshin Impact, a 3-month trial of Discord Nitro, a 3-month trial of a Walmart+ membership, a 4-month trial of Calm Premium, and a soon-to-be-released 3-month trial of PC Game Pass. The page also features Premium Badges for users aged 18 and older to showcase their achievements on the platform.

These new features complement YouTube Premium’s existing functionalities, such as ad-free viewing, offline downloads, and background play. Recent additions, including queuing and Meet Live Sharing, are aimed at providing users with a comprehensive and enjoyable viewing experience. YouTube promises more exciting features and exclusive benefits in the future, inviting users to dive even deeper into the content they love.

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