5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI could replace jobs, Google-Spotify partnership, and more

1. Google Cloud and Spotify announce partnership

Spotify announced a partnership with Google Cloud on Thursday in a move that will see the music streaming platform leverage Google’s AI tech. In a release, Google Cloud revealed that Spotify will leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to identify users’ listening patterns including podcasts and audiobooks to provide tailored content and recommendations. Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud said, “Through this expanded partnership, Google Cloud’s AI tools are helping Spotify to elevate the listening experience for its customers. Spotify also recognizes the potential AI can have across their business, and together, we will continue to deliver innovative technologies that benefit their business.”

2. AI companies must figure out a better way to pay contributers

On the latest episode of Bloomberg Originals series AI IRL, technology pioneer and Microsoft Corp.’s Prime Unifying Scientist Jaron Lanier said that AI companies must figure out a better way to compensate people who are contributing the most data to AI tools like ChatGPT. “In order to do it, we have to calculate and present the provenance of which human sources were the most important to a given AI output. We don’t currently do that. We can do it efficiently and effectively, it’s just that we’re not. It has to be a societal decision to shift to doing that”, Lanier said.

3.  Sapeon launches new AI chip

AI chip startup Sapeon launched its latest AI chip on Thursday. According to a Reuters report, the SK Group-backed startup’s new chip, named X330, has been developed for data centers and “represents roughly twice the computational performance and 1.3 times better power efficiency” than its competitors. It also has more than twice the power efficiency of its predecessor, the X220.

4. AI could threaten millions of South Korean jobs, claims study

A study conducted by the Bank of Korea which was published on Thursday revealed that more than 4 million jobs in South Korea could be replaced by AI. The figure amounts to roughly 14 percent of the total jobs in the country, according to a Bloomberg report. People with higher income and better educational backgrounds could be at a higher risk of axe due to AI’s potential to carry out analytical and cognitive tasks more easily.

5. Noteshelf announces generative AI features

Popular note-taking app Noteshelf on Thursday announced a new update called Noteshelf 3 that includes generative AI features. As per the release, a new feature called Noteshelf AI can generate handwritten notes on any topic which can help students take better notes faster. Rama Krishna, Founder of Noteshelf said, ““AI meets handwriting” is the slogan for Noteshelf 3, and the app is living up to the hype. Students are thrilled with the new features, which make taking notes more fun and efficient. We are working on a lot more innovations in this area that are bound to amaze our users.”

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