AQI at crisis level in Delhi! Protect yourself from air pollution, just check out these 5 gadgets

As November ushers in the winter months, Delhi’s air quality plunges to hazardous levels, with some areas registering an alarming AQI of 700. This recurring nightmare of polluted air, primarily caused by shifting weather patterns, festive fireworks, crop residue burning, construction activity and vehicle emissions, poses severe health risks, particularly to those with respiratory conditions like asthma. To combat this silent menace, the government advises limiting outdoor activities and closing schools while urging everyone to stay informed about air quality levels.

Safeguard Your Health

In the face of this air quality crisis, here are five gadgets that can help you breathe easier and maintain indoor air quality, shielding you from Delhi’s perilous pollution.

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1. Air Purifiers

When outdoor air quality is dismal, high-quality air purifiers are a lifeline. Equipped with HEPA filters and activated carbon, they efficiently eliminate fine particles, allergens, odours, and harmful gases, creating a safer indoor environment. Brands like Dyson and Philips offer a range of air purifiers to suit different budgets.


2. Personal Air Quality Sensors and Monitors

Wearable air quality sensors and portable monitors keep you informed about your surroundings. These devices measure common air pollutants both indoors and outdoors, alerting you to unsafe pollutant levels. Coupled with AIr Quality Index apps on smartphones and smartwatches, you can make informed decisions about your indoor air quality and overall well-being.


3. Humidifiers

Humidifiers are your secret weapon for improving indoor air quality. By introducing moisture into the air, they cause pollutants to settle, reducing dust, pollen, and other particulate matter. Apart from their air-cleansing benefits, humidifiers enhance indoor comfort, reduce static electricity, and create a more inviting atmosphere. Be cautious not to position humidifiers near vents or air intakes to prevent drawing in additional contaminants.


4. N99/FFP2 Masks for Defending Your Lungs

When you must venture outside, certified N99 or FFP2 masks act as your frontline defence, filtering out hazardous airborne particles, including the notorious PM2.5. These masks create a physical barrier against toxic air, enabling you to breathe cleaner and safer.

5. Inhalers and Breathing Analyzers

During severe air pollution episodes, breathing analyzers assist in managing respiratory health and identifying signs of distress. These tools enable individuals to seek timely medical attention. Inhalers, prescribed by a healthcare professional, provide immediate relief during breathing difficulties. It’s crucial to follow your doctor’s guidance and monitor your breathing regularly for optimal results.

In the face of Delhi’s escalating air pollution, safeguarding your health becomes paramount. Utilise these essential gadgets to protect yourself and your loved ones, ensuring a safer and healthier environment during these challenging times.

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