From Reels testing tool to Achievements hub, Meta rolls out new tools for creators

Meta has announced new creator tools that can help content creators on Facebook engage with their audience in a better way. In June, the platform introduced a redesigned Reels editor, new Inspiration Hub and Templates Hub that made it easier to create reels with ideas, and inspirations presented to the content creator. It also introduced a Professional mode, including a daily checklist module with tips to help creators grow their audience. Now, Meta has announced new ways that content creators can engage audiences better with their reels. Let us take a closer look.

New Facebook tools

In a blog post, Meta announced that it is rolling out a new Reels A/B testing tool for Facebook. It will allow content creators to test different captions and thumbnails on their mobile devices to see which one performs the best. Creators can test up to four different thumbnails or captions on mobile and the results will be displayed in the professional dashboard. Facebook will automatically display the reel that performs best, although creators can also select one manually.

Meta says it is also experimenting with generative AI that will help generate thumbnails and captions in the future.

Moreover, content creators will also be able to easily create reels using existing video posts as well as livestreams. They can select the ‘Your Content within the Reels’ that opens up a composer. They can add finishing touches to the reels before publishing them on Facebook.

Dashboard update

Meta has a professional dashboard that allows content creators to view insights, manage their platform and find resources. It has options such as overview, ad center, comments manager, moderation assist, and fan engagement tools. Meta has now also rolled out a new Achievements hub, allowing creators to see achievements across Education, Stars, Reels and Progression in one place. Moreover, a new achievement called ‘ReelsStreaks’ has also been introduced, which is awarded for posting reels on a daily basis.

The dashboard now also has a new content management tool allowing creators to see their posts, reels and videos in one place. Actions such as hiding or moving it to trash can be taken through this.

Meta is also testing rewards for reaching different milestones on the platform. “Creators who are 18+ that finish all Progression levels can become eligible to get increased visibility in Feed or have the Rising Creator label featured on their page or profile – both of which may help you get discovered more easily”, Meta said in its blog.

Those who have completed all progression levels can participate in new weekly challenges.

Improved insights

To empower creators and allow them to see their engagement on Facebook, Meta is rolling out account highlights for the week which include content performance, audience, and posting habits. Content Insights will now also show data for 90 days, a massive bump up from the 28 days it showed previously.

“We’ve also rolled out a number of new Reels metrics on the professional dashboard, including Reels-specific Reach broken down by followers and non-followers, a distribution score that tells you how your Reel did compared to your other Reels and an audience retention graph showing how long your audience watched a Reel and when they stopped watching it,” Meta said.

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