5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI bot showcases deception skills, AI threat to jobs, more

Concern is being voiced after an AI bot showcased its insider trading and deception abilities; The capital of Italy, Rome is set to host the next international AI conference during Italy’s G7 presidency; Artists have rebelled against AI plagiarism threat; India has prioritised AI safety alongside growth and innovation- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. AI bot showcases insider trading and deception abilities

An AI bot showcased its ability to engage in illicit financial trading by using fabricated insider information to make “illegal” stock purchases without disclosing it, and when questioned, it denied any wrongdoing. The test conducted at the UK’s AI safety summit revealed potential risks posed by increasingly autonomous AIs capable of deceiving human overseers, underlining the importance of maintaining human control over AI systems, according to a BBC report.

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2. Rome to host international AI conference during Italy’s G7 presidency

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, announced Rome’s hosting of an international AI conference coinciding with Italy’s G7 presidency. Scholars and experts globally have been invited to discuss ways to ensure AI enhances, rather than replaces, human workers. Italy aims to prioritise AI and digital security, promoting shared governance between the public and private sectors. The conference aims to establish ethical principles for AI to strike a balance between technology and society, Euractiv reported.

3. Artists rebel against Dall-E 3 and AI plagiarism threat

OpenAI’s Dall-E 3, a powerful image-generation software, raises concerns among artists as it crafts detailed visuals from minimal prompts. The technology’s rapid advancement has prompted artists to resist generative AI startups, some resorting to legal action or monitoring tools to protect their work. Artists fear their creations are being copied by AI, challenging them to maintain their business and creative integrity in an evolving digital landscape, Bloomberg reported.

4. India prioritises AI safety alongside growth and innovation

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar highlighted the importance of AI safety in India while also emphasising the ambition to foster AI growth and startup innovations. He stresses that it’s not a binary choice and that India’s approach differs from other nations. Chandrasekhar calls for global collaboration to establish standards and methodologies for safe AI models, acknowledging the challenge of AI regulation in an uncertain international landscape, according to a PTI report.

5. Why AI threatens jobs differently in Ethiopia and California

Artificial intelligence is transforming the job landscape, with repetitive roles like customer service, retail, and clerical positions most vulnerable to automation. However, where you work matters too. Developing countries, where manual tasks are prevalent, face the initial impact. Clerical roles, including bank tellers, postal service clerks, cashiers, and data entry clerks, are expected to decline due to emerging technologies. AI can perform such tasks efficiently and tirelessly, making it an appealing choice for employers, PTI reported.

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